The thing that I like about the United Utah Party is that there is truly room for everybody there.

It is, essentially, a party for those who don’t like political parties.

Republicans and Democrats are often focused on purity tests – either you accept everything on their platform, or you are a RINO/DINO and don’t belong.

Well, guess what. People aren’t like that. We are complex and unique. And that’s a good thing!

We all live together in this community, and that’s not going to change. And I don’t believe it should, either. Sure, we are going to disagree on things from time to time. But we will also agree on a lot of other things.

Good government is when our representatives, regardless of their personal political views, work together with ALL members of their community to help constantly change and improve things for EVERYBODY. Not just members of their party. Not just the special interests who fund them. Not just people who agree with them.

Now, I know that this means that sometimes decisions have to be made that make some people unhappy. It is impossible to always give everybody exactly what they want.

But it is possible to always include everybody in the discussion. It is possible to always seek to understand why certain people want certain things. It is possible to always be open, honest, transparent, and accountable to those you represent.

The United Utah Party represents this type of government, and this type of ideal. Maybe you lean left, maybe you lean right, but it is nice to have a place where no matter what your political views might be, people are at least willing to listen and try to understand.

If I’m elected, I’ll always try to do this. No matter who you are, or what you care about, I’ll give you my time and attention.

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