There are a number of reasons, but a few stand out, and I hope they resonate with you as well.

FIRST – I Am Sick and Tired of POLITICS!

This might sound a little bit strange for someone running for political office, but let me explain. What I am really sick of is the divisive nature of politics.

The Republicans and Democrats have essentially set it up to where you are part of one of two “all or nothing” teams. It becomes a bloodsport, where the two groups are trying to wrest control from the other.

I have worked for Republican and Democrats as a diplomat, and never felt the need to align myself with one or another “team.” I’m an American. I’m a Utahn. I care about my country and my community. I don’t need to be forced into a box to prove who I am.

SECOND – We Need True Advocates for REFORM in Elected Office

Because of this political division, over the decades we’ve seen political systems devolve into a party-based system. Instead of voters selecting representatives who adjust laws to fit their current needs, we have a system where political parties and special interest groups have WAY more power than voters themselves. This is wrong. This results in bad government.

These steps toward bad government include things like political parties drawing district borders to increase their election chances, parties closing primaries and voting to significant segments of the population, passing laws that make it harder for those who are not rich or connected to get involved in making laws, and giving more power to wealthy special interest groups to fund political campaigns, and so, so much more. More often than not, it leaves us with bad choices when we vote.

We need representatives that represent people, not parties, and not special interest groups. Unfortunately, at this stage in the game, I believe the ONLY way to change this is to pass some strong reforms to how we run elections and how we run the government.

We need representatives that constantly and relentlessly push for needed reform. This needs to happen until we eliminate all of these negative aspects of our political system that weaken it and give political parties and special interests a major advantage.

If I’m elected, you’ll be represented by a legislator who is utterly determined and resolute in pushing for reform.

THIRD – I Love Discovering and Implementing REAL SOLUTIONS

Finally, I’m a true problem solver. I’ve worked to improve education in Afghanistan. I’ve helped train judges and legislators in Kazakhstan. I’ve taught civics to youth in Romania. I’ve worked with refugees and displaced persons in Colombia. I’ve helped increase trade and economic development in both Central and Southeast Asia. And so much more. For years, I’ve learned first hand about what works, and I want to bring that knowledge and experience to Utah.

Whether it concerns education, health care, agriculture, the environment, or the economy in general, I have experience in helping to find creative and meaningful ways to make it better. 

If elected, I commit to always being data-driven in policy making, always looking for the truth, and always seeking to do what is right, regardless of what the political implications might be.

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