Here’s a short video explaining why I’m running. If you prefer the longer, more entertaining version, scroll down and watch the video below.

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Is this guy even qualified? Would I trust him to water my plants? Find out here…


I mean, I have to have a legitimate reason for subjecting myself to this whole thing, right?


I’m a member of the United Utah Party – a party for the rest of us. Serenity NOW!!!


In addition to information I’ve posted on specific issues, see what else I have to say about everything going on in our state.


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My wife is running for office too! Check out Emily Bergeson, candidate for Utah Senate District 7!

Democracy vs. Republic

Last October, Utah Senator Mike Lee baffled many by posting a simple tweet. It was short and to the point:“We’re not a democracy.” He received immediate and well-earned scorn and blowback across the board. What do you mean America is not a Democracy? Are you saying that our representatives shouldn’t be decided by voters? I’ve…

Campaign Finance Reform

Did you know that here Utah there is literally NO limit to how much one can donate to a political campaign?  Seriously, any donation goes. In other words, if I had a rich Auntie who wanted to put a million bucks into my campaign, she could, and I could accept it. While that’s concerning, it…

House District 61 Boundaries
Provo – West of State Street
Orem – West of State Street, South of University
Utah Lake – I guess if you live on a houseboat on the northern end of the lake, you’re in my district too.

True love does not like labels!

Neal a. Maxwell

First and foremost, thank you for visiting my website. That shows that you are taking your vote seriously!

And, it shows that you are at least giving me fair consideration. For that alone, I sincerely thank you.

About The United Utah Party

Nils Bergeson has never been a Republican nor a Democrat. But he is now running with the United Utah Party. “What’s that?” you ask. Well, click and discover…

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